[Reprint reservation/轉載預訂] Kaede-kun Dakimakura cover]

[Reprint reservation/轉載預訂] Kaede-kun Dakimakura cover]

Manufacturer/製造商 : Fres 
Fabric / 面料 : 2 way tricot Aqua Premier
Size / 尺寸 : 160 cm x 50 cm / 160厘米x 50厘米
Delivery method / 送貨方式 : Courier service (for overseas shipping / 海外送貨)
Shipping extra / 運費 : 

in Japan excluding Okinawa, ¥ 730, Okinawa ¥ 1300, overseas shipping ¥ 1550 ~ ¥ 2300 /

日本不包括沖繩,730日元,沖繩1300日元,海外運費1550日元 ~ 2300日元

Shipping time / 出貨時間 : August / 8月


The original Shota [Kaede-kun] is a new Dakimakura cover that you can enjoy in bed.

This is a reserved item, it takes time to ship.

最初的Shota 楓[Kaede-kun]是一個新的Dakimakura封面,你可以在床上享受。


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  • Product information / 產品信息

    How to care:

    We are made of smooth and soft fabrics. We recommend that you use the “fashionable detergent”, wash setting “weak” or “dry”, turn over the pillow cover, fasten the zipper, and put it in the laundry net for washing.


    我們採用光滑柔軟的面料製成。 我們建議您使用“時尚洗滌劑”,洗滌設置“弱”或“幹”,翻轉枕套,固定拉鍊,並將其放入洗衣網進行清洗。